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On the sunny island of the Northern Black Forest

The climatic health resort of Dobel is located in the Northern Black Forest. It lies in the middle of almost endless forests on a solar plateau at an altitude of 720 m. Not only the healing climate of Dobel invites you to vacation, but also the natural landscape around Dobel, which you can explore as a hiker, Nordic walker or mountain biker.

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Events in Dobel

Various events take place in Dobel throughout the year.

For example, Dobler Höhenfeuer (20 meter bonfire), Dobler Spectaculum (medieval festival), junk market.

Observation tower in Dobel

The water tower was built in 1937 to supply water to high mountain areas. Today, the former water tower is an observation deck with beautiful views of Dobel and the surrounding area.

Opening hours: daily from May to October from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The entrance is free.

The Westweg Trail

The Westweg is the most famous hiking trail through the beautiful Black Forest. The trail is about 285 km long.

The route starts in Pforzheim and ends in Basel. Dobel is the first stage destination for hikers after starting in Pforzheim (first stage, approx. 24 km). Then hikers from Dobel goes to Forbach.

Rock formation "Volzemer Steine"

Interesting rock formation in the middle of the forest. The Volzemer Stein natural monument is located directly on the Westweg (stage 1, Pforzheim-Dobel). It is about 100 metres wide and about 10 metres high. Volzemer Steine is about 2.5 km from Hotel Rössle. You can walk through the community of Dobel, fields and forests to Volzemer Steine.


Nature lovers will be interested in walking through the forests and fields around Dobel. Walk the hiking trails: Engel-Weg to the rock formations “Volzemer Steine”, Europe circular hiking trail, around the top of the Maienbergkopf, from Dobel to Echtal or from Dobel to Bad Herrenalb and more.

More detailed information about leisure, activities and tourist routes can be found on the official website of Dobel.

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